RGB Controller -Ster-17- allows the full use of LED products. The driver allows you to select any color based on a mixture of red, green, and blue colors. In addition, you can set the effect, brightness and speed of the effect. The driver has a built-in memory, so that you can remember the preset parameters and restore them automatically when you turn on the power.

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Description of effects

  • No effect-the currently set color is displayed with the currently set brightness level.
  • Penetration of R->G->B at any speed
  • Switching R->G->B at any speed
  • Penetration of R->G->B->RG->GB->BR at any speed
  • Skipping R->G->B->RG->GB->BR at any speed
  • Blinking at any set color and speed. You can get a strobe effect


  • Great possibilities: free speed control, smooth brightness adjustment, more than 1700kolorów
  • The controller is equipped with memory so that after turning off the power does not lose the set effect
  • High output capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliability
  • High quality finish

Ideal for lighting applications:

  • Interiors of flats
  • Architectural elements
  • Shop exposure
  • Car

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Number of outputs: 3 (R G B)
  • Output load: Max 3A
  • Brightness control: PWM 250 levels
  • Colors number: 1750

How to connect

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