LED text display for exterior use as a price of pylon. View the current price of products with the possibility to change easily and quickly from any PC. The display is built with super bright LEDs visible perfectly in daylight.

We are a manufacturer of displays, therefore we provide good prices and wide possibilities of adapting the product to the needs of customers.

Petrol stations, Pylon, Price fill

The main advantages are:

  • Possibility to set the working hours of the array in which the display is to be enabled-no need to buy any timers
  • Adjustable light brightness
  • High Brightness-is used 100% of diode power-display does not flicker-we use the brightness LEDs 10000 MCD
  • Built on LEDs with a higher brightness and a better viewing angle-visibility even on sunny days
  • 24-month Warranty
  • Reliable, proven design
  • Your work device doesn't need a PC
  • Low power consumption
  • Very attractive price
  • Built with high quality LEDs with 100000h life (over 11 years of continuous lighting)
  • Modularity-in case of failure just replace the defective module

The basic mode of operation is the display of fixed prices, additionally you can:

  • Display other text information such as About the absence of a product
  • Use several font types-possibility to edit
  • Determine the working hours of the array in which the array should be enabled or disabled
  • Brightness setting. Possibility of fixing hourly intervals for indicated brightness

Technical specifications

  • Temperature range:-25 °c to + 55 °c
  • Supply voltage: 200-240 VAC or 100-120 VAC
  • Network frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Longevity: 100 000 hrs. (over 11 years of continuous lighting)
  • Viewing angle: 80 °

Computer Communication options:

Your device doesn't need a PC to work. The computer is used only to change the displayed content.

  • USB Port-Maximum cable length is 100m

Management Program:

The Oprogramownie authoring package, which is exceptionally easy to use.

A Program that supports