Brightness Control-led PWM dimmer to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting. Adjusts the brightness of the potentiometer. It is characterised by high load carrying capacity, easy handling and very attractive price.

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  • Smooth LED brightness control with PWM technology
  • High output capacity-3a
  • Voltage Range 5 to 15V
  • Brightness adjustment is done not by changing the voltage value A by changing the pulse width (PWM)-so that all LEDs in the light shine with the same brightness.
  • High quality finish

Ideal for lighting applications:

  • Interiors of flats
  • Architectural elements
  • Shop exposure
  • Car
  • Aquarium

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: DC 5-15V
  • of outputs: 1
  • Output load: Max 3a
  • Brightness Control: PWM
  • PWM frequency: 6kHz (6000Hz)

How to connect

Connection diagram