The SlideDriver driver enhances safety on slides and the comfort of its users. Its task is to control the lighting of red or green light cyclically or depending on the activation of motion sensors placed on the slides.

Product Catalogue: Tedtronix-Folder.pdf


Operating modes

  • Cyclic mode – the green or red light state is activated cyclically for a certain period of time.
  • Mode 1 sensor – red light state is activated by the start sensor, green light after a set period of time.
  • 2-sensors mode – red or green light state depending on the activation of the start or end sensor. In addition, in this mode, it is possible to connect the time display, which displays the times measured during the activation of sensors.

Examples of possibilities

  • Slide time measurement
  • Slide speed measurement
  • Count points earned during slide
  • Turnstiles control
  • Alarm notification
  • Display on the scoreboard: time, time of day, best time, points, speed
  • Time adjustment: Green, red, delay, alarms, initialisation
  • Advanced diagnostic software
  • Slides counter

Technical specifications

Symbol XSTER20B1 (DIN rail version)
Operating Temperature range -20 °c to + 50 °c
Power supply 12v
Time Measurement Accuracy +/-0.01 s
Maximum measured time Up to 650 s (10 min and 49 s)
Keyboard 3 buttons
Dimensions 139 x 89 x 63 mm
Housing material PS
Color Light grey
Certification CE

Example of Use

Example of Use