Graphic LED display for outdoor use. Used to display a variable content in the form of playback of previously prepared animation. Advertising boards are built with super bright LEDs that are perfectly visible in daylight.

We are a manufacturer of displays, therefore we provide good prices and wide range of possibilities to adapt the product to the needs of customers.

Graphic LED display

Benefits of having a Tedtronix display

With our whiteboard you will save a lot of time and money:

  • Your company will gain a large group of new customers and the purchase will quickly pay for itself.
  • Large beam angle (120°) – thanks to this the board will be visible even when viewed from its side
  • High brightness of light – effectively attracts the eye of the potential customer. 100% of the diode power is used – the display does not flicker – we use modern SMD diodes with high brightness
  • Possibility to set working hours in which the display is to be enabled – no need to buy additional time programmers
  • Brightness adjustment – you can set different brightness at different times.
  • Display text and graphics from previously created spots.
  • Display of temperature, date and time.
  • Low power consumption – using our boards you won’t lose money on your electricity bills.
  • Very attractive price in relation to quality
  • Reliable, weatherproof construction that has been proven over the years
  • CE Certification.


  • Very easy usage – in just a few simple steps you will create effective advertising spots.
  • You can connect to any computer equipped with a network card or memory card reader.
  • Managing the order of spots and settings via a web browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) – just like a router.
  • The device doesn’t need a computer to work – the computer only needs to create texts and send them to the display.
  • A major advantage: No need for an additional keyboard – the text is typed from the computer sitting comfortably e.g. in a warm office
  • Synchronize date and time over the Internet.
  • After connecting several boards to the Internet, you can change their content remotely without leaving the office.
  • Modularity – in case of a possible failure it is enough to replace only the defective module.
  • Linux system support.


  • Narrow and aesthetically pleasing housing
  • Housing aluminium powder-coated black
  • Interesting graphic and text effects.

Options for communication with the computer:

  • SD memory Card (like in a camera) – by pulling it out and connecting it to a computer
  • LAN – by connecting to a computer network or directly to a computer
  • INTERNET – you can change the content from anywhere in the world – just connect the display to the Internet!
  • Smartphone – sequence management, on/off, settings
  • WIFI

The device does not need a computer to work. The computer is only used to create a spot.

Advantages and possibilities of the spot creation program: (easiest and fastest spot creation program)

  • First of all: very easy to use – in a few clicks you can create eye-catching advertising spots yourself.
  • Creation of impressive transitions between frames
  • Import animations created in other graphic programs, e.g. Flash, Swish
  • Combine multiple effects into one on the basis of a single frame or animation sequence.
  • High text capabilities: possibility to use system fonts and create effects on them
  • Display of letters in any language of the world
  • Possibility of importing single frames in the form of previously prepared images and GIF animations
  • Preview of the ready animation before uploading it to the display
  • Supports: Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/Me/NT/2000
  • Program in 3 language versions: Polish, English, German

Spot creation software

Examples of effects:

  • Scrolling
  • Sliding
  • Zooming
  • Appending
  • Stretching
  • Jumping
  • Rotation
  • Blinking
  • Blur
  • Pixelization
  • Earth quake
  • Negative
  • Stars
  • Snow
  • Drops
  • Fire
  • Snake
  • Spiral
  • Transition
  • and many more

Technical parameters:

  • Operating temperature range: -25 °C to +55°C
  • Supply voltage: 200-240 VAC or 100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Life time: 100 000 h
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Displays: date, time, temperature
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: +-0.5 °C

LED colors: (standard – red):

Price +10%
Price +10%
Price +10%
Price +10%

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